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Mindfulness and Lifestyle: Your Body Is Present, but Is Your Mind?

Do you live a routine life? Routine means you wake up and get the children ready for school or drive to work, eat whatever, and talk to friends. Oftentimes, your mind is somewhere else. The day goes by without you really being there. Sounds familiar?

Deal Differently and Better With Stress

  • Got a to-do list that grows every day?
  • Late for important appointments?
  • The children making a mess?
  • Too much to do and not enough time?

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. All stress is not bad; some of it is even good for you! However, you do have the choice on how to deal with it.

Mindfulness is a helpful intervention that teaches you to notice tensions coming up during a stressful event and shows you how you often react automatically. In a way, you get more and more conscious of your habits and patterns that affect your overall health and well-being!

Aha! Wellness Coaching Mindfulness, in Short:

  • Helps you to be in “being mode” more often compared to “doing mode” all the time
  • Helps you to develop new approaches to deal differently with pain and difficult emotions
  • Gives you time and space to breathe and take a break when needed
  • Helps you to reduce stress and cope differently with it

Being present like this will make you live more fully and relaxed. You will be able to move with the flow and waves of life.

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